Orimex Style is the official store of the factory that produces premium class furniture. Geographically, sales of Orimex furniture cover the entire territory of the Russian Federation and some CIS countries.

Orimex factory


The first priority was to attract new customers to increase sales. The store, by this time, already had an externally quite modern website, however, its technical basis was clearly outdated. Nevertheless, it was decided to set up the first launch of advertising on the existing site.

Key queries were collected and several contextual campaigns were launched to test the response. A month of initial advertising campaigns showed an increase in sales and a generally positive trend, however, it also identified a number of technical gaps in the previous version of the site.

Based on the results of the test advertising campaigns, it was decided to transfer the store to a modern e-commerce platform, which will allow you to effectively set up and use advertising tools.


Before the start of all work, market and competitor research was carried out, as well as a search for new opportunities to attract customers.

An anthropocentric design has been developed for the new Orimex Style website, making it easier to find and select furniture.

In addition, the product catalog was completely redesigned: the cumbersome system of categories and subcategories was replaced by a convenient and simple filter that allows the user to find the desired product in just a couple of clicks.

A new scalable and well-thought-out SKU system will keep the product base clean and tidy.


The Orimex factory quite often launches new collections and makes special offers to its customers.

To work with the banners provided by the factory, the site uses the advanced Slideshow module, which greatly simplifies administration, and also allows you to customize the appearance of slides, their sequence, transition effect, delay, and all this without any technical knowledge and training.

Slideshow module

The slide show and showcase on the main page are bright visual objects that allow you to attract attention and show customers special offers and main product groups.

Homepage wall module

In total, there are about a hundred furniture collections in the Orimex catalog. Such a large number of collections makes it difficult to find the right one and makes navigation generally inconvenient. To simplify the selection of collections, an additional search was applied inside the product filter, which, when entered by the user, reduces the number of collections.

build-in search